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The folder "Download" contains old programs. I am moving the programs I find still might be of interest to Github and will eventually delete them from this site.

Moved programs etc:

  • AddToDix
  • I have amused myself by writing some scripts and programs. Perhaps some of them might be useful to you? You will find them in the folder: download.


    There you will find e.g. the results of my attempts to learn Python, for example CHECKHASHGUI (a small program you can use to check the authenticity of a file, by means of the checksum i.e. the hash) and ARC4GUI (demonstrates encryption with ARC4/RC4). You have to install Python to be able to run Python-programs. The programs mentioned above are tested with Python 2.7. I appreciate any comments on the programs!

    Most of the programs have something to do with encryption. Hence, you will find more information about the programs at my encryption blog: Kryptera. There you will find checksums (hashes) of the programs as well. Some programs are also available in RAR-archives with "Verified information" i.e. if you open the files with WinRAR, you will se in "info" that they are created by me. In addition, the programs are signed with my PGP-key C1628917. The fingerprint of my key is: 9B3EBED151BCA443203E882A9264893CC1628917

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